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Navigating a New Way of Being, Together.


Tuning into the frequency of unity and love.

Being conscious and self-aware.

Mastering your unique flow.

Bridging authentic heart-centered connection and self-expression.

Offering reflections, tools and practices to live and lead from the heart.


Guiding to find connection within to create the new world around you.

Acts as a loving pointer as you remember who you truly are, expand your consciousness and follow your calling. 


Conscious Creative Intuitive 

Meet Wendy

Regardless of the stage on your journey, whether you believe yourself to be creative and/ spiritual or not, Wendy's intuitive approach goes to the heart of what drew you to this moment, offering you a new perspective to set yourself free.

Wendy Spinks 19.jpg

Master the art 
of living life
in the flow 

“It is simply being lost in the gap I am drawn to the most; time stops; the mind is quiet…Here the connection to the unconscious is made.”

                                                    ~Wendy Spinks

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The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.

The Journey home begins the moment

we are willing to move beyond fear 

and step out of our comfort zone. 

The path to all you seek awaits you. 

"Be like water" ― Bruce Lee

Offerings available
Find Your Flow Coaching Sessions

Finding your Flow with Wendy Spinks​  

Flow Life Coaching & Conscious Consulting

  • Finding Your Flow: Spiritual Journey Navigation

    1 hr
    450 South African rand

  • 30 min

Clea Mallinson

"Wendy's combination of natural intuition and practical experience, gently nudges you to the heart of any matter, facilitating release and renewed perspective. Her compassion offers a supportive, non judgemental space which allows for deep healing to occur. Her dedication and enthusiasm for guiding people on their journey is a gift to the world."

Liza King

"I loved every part of it!

I enjoyed the smiles I had for myself as I nodded at the deep stuff that I don't normally look at. The deep dive is great for people who are stuck and have not managed to get uncomfortable with themselves."  

Lisa participated in the third chapterCharacter Dive online course.


"It was absolutely life-changing. I cannot think of a single thing to change. It has been of huge benefit to me, personally and creatively. " / "I loved it. Part of me was a little apprehensive about opening up about personal matters but in the end, you get out what you put in, and the feedback was so full of clarity, understanding and enlightening, that I didn't regret putting my self out there."
Savyra participated in The Character Dive online course.

Roberto Millan

"A lovely, reflective platform and opportunity to identify and challenge how you view the world and your place in it.

Wendy Spinks' Character Dive is a safe space to explore ideas pertaining to identity, and the unwritten contracts we tend make with ourselves,.

A superb opportunity to be vulnerable, share stories, and receive consistent feedback and coaching from Wendy herself, while interrogating and shining light on the events in our life, good and bad, that make us who we are.

Roberto participated in The Character Dive online course.

Saxon Kirton

"I thoroughly enjoyed the character dive, it helped me to look within myself to find my true intentions and showed me how I can set these intentions to manifest the future I have always wanted!  It’s not always easy to look deep within ourselves, but once you do, you open the doors to a whole new world. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience this character dive, I suggest you grab it with both hands - it is truly a life changing experience." 

Saxton participated in The Character Dive online course.

Clea Mallinson

 "The Character Dive overall was great. Powerful.  It challenges you to stop, listen, share and transform! Loved having that forum space! "

Clea participated in the inaugural Character Dive online course in 2020.

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